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Jeans for men

I went for a night out in a small town with my schoolfriends recently. We stood around in a bar (with a late licence) and reminisced about Mr Taylor’s chemistry class and so on. We were probably 10 years older than everyone else there.
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Denim Jungle: 11 Best Jeans for Men

We’re throwing the “rule book” out the window that claims you can only wear dark colored jeans in the fall and winter. We weren’t great following rules anyway.  But, since it’s spring, light washed denim looks great if you’re heading to the office or out on that date you’ve been nervously waiting to go on.
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Top 10 Womens Jeans Trends

Are you aware of the latest jeans trends? Do you know about the trendy jeans 2015? Basically jeans are a common dress in western countries. Fashion of jeans is also getting in way among the women in Asia now. Wearing jeans is the most popular dressing of the young generation. The styles of the jeans keep on converting all the time. Youth is always eager to abide by the new trends. Here, I will tell you about the trendy jeans 2015.



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